Welcome to a new world of sound

Green House Post is a creative organization of sound artisans, run by William Levinsutilizing some of the most creative and dedicated sound talent in the entertainment industry.

Who are we? We are sound supervisors, sound designers, sound editors, re-recording mixers, and mad scientists. Veterans from some of the top sound houses in the world. Our backgrounds include Todd-AO, Soundelux, Paramount, and Soundstorm.

We've joined together to offer our clients a superior sound product at a very competitive cost, bringing a quality previously out of their price range. Why? Because we’re crazy? Yes maybe, after all we were all dropped on our heads as children, but more likely it's because we love sound and the creative process.

Dedicated to the highest artistic and technical standards, we provide a boutique service of creative collaboration.

GHPcan accommodate any audio project from webisode to indie feature film. We offer every aspect of Audio Post Production. Complete sound design packages down to individual audio services.

Let's create something wonderful together!

Green House Post 2015