The Post Process

Sound Supervision -The sound supervisor is the manager for each film that comes through Green House Post. They are responsible for organizing the materials, putting together the best talent to create the sound, adjusting to whatever changes might occur, and supervising the final mix. All of this on time and on budget. The supervisor will be with you from the start until final delivery of your project.

Sound Editorial The sound editors handle the complex editorial process. The three main categories are Dialogue, SFX, and Music. We edit and clean up the production audio, take care of the ADR by cueing, recording, and editing to match sync. For theSFX we edit from our 2TB library, add background ambiences, and record and edit foley. For theMusic,we can prep and edit your soundtrack to your final picture.

Sound Design -A sound designer is a special breed of artist. They will create custom sounds for each project, instead of only using library sounds. They sometimes will do extensive processing and synthesis, often going out and recording new sounds to design the perfect texture for the project. This brings an original sound quality to each film.

Mixing -The mix is where it all comes together. The dialogue, ADR, foley, sound FX, backgrounds, sound design, and music all are combined into the final print master. The mix room is capable of delivering a finished mix in 5.1 Surround, Dolby LtRt Encoded Surround, or Stereo. Each of our mixers are experienced sound editors as well.

Click for aDiagram of Sound Crew for a Feature vs TV

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