Technical Examples

Here are a few excerpts from Phantom Force, a film we did for the SciFi Channel. We thought it would be useful to take a scene and play the different sound layers that are added to make a finished film.

Let's begin with the complete mix where all of the elements have been added together, including the music score.

Next is only the Dialogue & ADR.

Now the Foley, which are mimicing the actors movement, broken into a cloth track, footsteps, and finally props or things that are handled.

Backgrounds or BG's are generally ambiences such as winds, traffic, room tone. Another way to think of it is they are generally the SFX that we don't see.

SFX are the sounds that go with what we see on the screen. If we see an explosion then the SFX editor adds an explosion, if a car drives by then they add a car by.

Sound Design is a special art. A sound designer is a very special SFX editor. Using processing to create custom SFX or sometimes creating the sounds from scratch. Usually by recording new sounds and manipulating them to fit a certain scene.

Here are all of the elements, except music, put together.

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